Zheetos Mylar Bags | Labelled or Unlabelled

So, Order zheetos weed bags usa. Ready Made Smell Proof Zheetos Strain Mylar Bags/Mylar Pouches/Cali Packs Labelled or Unlabelled. BUY ZHEETOS WEED BAGS OHIO, ORDER ZHEETOS WEED BAGS FLORIDA, BUY ZHEETOS WEED BAGS FLORIDA

Available in 1grams, 3.5grams, 7grams, 14grams, and 28grams. Equipped with a zip lock, our high density Mylar Pouches are an extremely effective long term storage solution. Commonly referred to as Cali Packs, DOY packs or barrier bags – Mylar Bags are the industry standard for Edible and Flower packaging. Each of our bags have rounded corners & a thick micron density. Our Zheetos Mylar Bags have a matte-black rear and clear front.

Your Strain Labels are Printed on high quality Gloss Vinyl, are waterproof and boast an ink life of 7 years. The materials used are long lasting & robust meaning your labels will stay stuck onto your Mylar Bags – we gurantee it. We don’t compromise on quality so why should you? Don’t just take our word for it though!

What are my Zheetos Mylar Bags purchase options?

Labelled Zheetos Mylar Bags – This option ships Ready Made Zheetos Strain labelled Cali Packs – ready to use upon arrival.

Unlabelled Zheetos Mylar Bags  – This option ships Zheetos Strain Labels and Mylar Pouches separately. This option is more cost effective however you’ll have to apply the labels yourself.

Do you need any changes to the Zheetos design? 

Strain Labels Mylar Bags have a clear side and a matte black side. As standard we apply the labels to the clear side of the bags. If you would rather have your Ready Made Zheetos Strain labels applied to the matte black side then please let us know in the notes section at checkout.

For additional requirements on your Zheetos strain cali pack such as the addition of THC percentage, your logo, your socials e.t.c Let us know at checkout and we’ll get it done! Please be aware this may increase processing times.

Made to order. Order zheetos weed bags usa.

Up to 250 Zheetos Mylar Pouches Ship within 2 days. Larger Orders 2-4 days. BUY ZHEETOS WEED BAGS OHIO, ORDER ZHEETOS WEED BAGS FLORIDA, BUY ZHEETOS WEED BAGS FLORIDA

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