So, Buy Buddha Weed Online Arizona. The Buddha strain is an award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid, well known for its calm, uplifting, zen-like highs. It is undeniably a crowd favourite. Which allowed it to earn its spot as third place winner of the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. While its direct origin is unknown and shrouded in mystery, we do know that it is primarily a cross mix of sativa Thai and Jamaican landraces. Its name actually takes on after its Thai lineage, for Thailand is a country where Buddhism is largely practiced. It is paired with an average of 18% in THC content levels. Sweet, fruity aromas and flavours, and a fast-activating high, The Laughing Buddha is a strain that is sure to please and get you in your own fits of giggles and exstacy. Buy Buddha Weed Online Arizona.

Effects Of Buddha Weed Online

With Buddha Weed, your high settles in within a few short minutes as it takes a quick hold on users. You will notice the effects of its indica lineage as a body high kicks in, and users will experience a physical relaxation, though that is not to say that it will subdue you to sleepiness or drowsiness as it does not tire you out and actually gives you a clearer, focused perspective. Because of this, it would be great for relaxing both during the daytime and the nighttime. Like its namesake, the Buddha strain will put yourself in a giddy, euphoric mood, making this strain perfect and quite enjoyable for social gatherings or for solo trips if you’re feeling the need to lift yourself when you’re feeling down and in the gutter. Such mood-altering effects make this strain medically beneficial for those seeking to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADD. Feeling the blues? Needing to lift your spirits? Looking to elevate experiences with your friends? Enlighten yourself and look no further than Laughing Buddha!

THC Content

Buddha’s average THC content level ranges 18%-25% and has a sativa:indica ratio of 75% to 25% respectively. While its THC content can reach rather high at the 25% peak, the strain does lack a strong cerebral high, a common feature amongst sativa strains. This characteristic makes it a great option for those seeking a more calm high, those who do not tolerate THC well, or those who have tendencies to get anxious or fits of panic and paranoia when smoking sativa dominant strains.

Appearance & Aroma Of Buddha Weed

Considered one of the more difficult strains to grow, the large buds and colas of Buddha plants tend to be oversized, meaning it requires more work to harvest as growers may need to bolster the plant’s stalks. When the time comes for harvesting, however, you will notice the plants are thickly coated in layers of trichrome frost, making all that work worth it! Dark green and dullish brown in colour, The Buddha has long, elongated blossoms decorated with an icy covering. Its dominant aroma is reminiscent of fresh citrus rinds, though there are hints of pepper, nut and herbs. You will notice spice aromas upon crushing its buds, and upon exhale, the taste is more of a skunky, lemon flavour.

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